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Wealthy Teachers

Mar 19, 2019

Lindsay's husband interviews her in this re-air of the first episode in lead up to next week.

(Apologies for the poor audio in the beginning.)

This is a republishing of the first AMB episode where Lindsay's husband, Derek, interviews her. Next week will be a follow up between Derek and Lindsay.

Join Lindsay and Derek in...

Mar 12, 2019

Lindsay and Adamaris discuss the importance of mindset in business, and working with a spouse from home.

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About Adamaris:

Adamaris is a Life and Business Mastery Strategy Expert with...

Mar 5, 2019

Lindsay and Loren discuss how "there is no failure, just a heap of learning."

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About Loren:

Loren Trlin is a holistic business coach helping coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs Quantum Leap their...