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Wealthy Teachers

Aug 28, 2018

Our first ever guest lecturer*! Lindsay learns Adrienne’s tips for hiring smartly without adding more work for yourself.

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"Clockwork" The book by...

Aug 21, 2018

Lindsay and Kristina discuss the importance of embracing vulnerability while avoiding burnout.

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AMB 019 with Marc...

Aug 14, 2018

Lindsay and Catie discuss the importance of your personal brand, whether you own your own business or not. Coming from the physical sciences, Dr. Cat has found posting her research to social media leads to better reach, stronger connections, and higher recognition from colleagues.

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Catie Leta aka Dr. rer....

Aug 7, 2018

Lindsay and Sara discuss those first few weeks of starting a business, being honest with yourself through regular self-reflection and using research to help your business grow.

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Sara Gallegos, Ed.D....